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I offer design, photography and web services

From designing your unique logo, developing your custom built and responsive website, capturing images to advertise and display, to creating and designing marketing materials, your business will be noticed.

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About the Artist

Laura Sarria

I am a college student at East Stroudsburg University pursuing my BFA in Integrated Art + Design. I graduated from Northampton Community College in 2017 with an Associates in Communication Design.

I have always been on the artistic side since I was young so I am continuing in developing my artistic skills.

Not only am I known for being artistic but also for loving cats — hence my logo!

You deserve to be recognized for the work you do. I will get you there.

Allow to me brand your business

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Design / Art Packages

From print design, digital art to paintings

Creating logos starting with a pen and paper to fully vectorizing the logo for you to use however you would like.

I can also create digital paintings whether you need illustrations for posters, your website, or branding campaign.

I can also paint in acrylic if you're looking for a custom gift!

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